Nyctophobia Infernal Purgatory v1.0.2 MOD APK+DATA


Nyctophobia Infernal Purgatory - a game in which you will fight against the terrible and scary creatures come back from hell. You are the main character named Nycto you kept 20 years in prison deep in the earth, and then came the time when you needed to protect the planet from the invasion of terrible monsters. Terrible monster stole the magical artifact that held the balance in this world, and now there was chaos. Your task will be to explore the dark dungeon and try to find where the key that opens the door to the next level. Impede the passage you will be darkness in which you'll only see a few fragments around you and horrible monsters raft creation of genetic engineering. Explore as much as possible and look for areas where the chests of weapons, armor and the ability to improve your character.

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