Grudgeball - Regular Show v1.0.3 Apk


Grudgeball - Regular Show - new arcade game from Cartoon Network Studios based on the popular animated series. The game's plot is set in the fictional universe far into the future.Everything that happens in the universe that is unusual and new for us, including entertainment. But the most popular way to have fun in such an unusual place became "Bouncers" extremely dangerous and dynamic sport. You just have to typing desperate athletes to take part in the competition for the top prize. Each team consists of three players who are at opposite ends of the playing field, the main goal of the game to knock all athletes opponent, but to do so is not easy. Each team member has unique skills and abilities, developing you get a distinct advantage. A winning all the matches you can unravel the main secret of the universe Haosfera. In Grudgeball - Regular Show for Android excellent hand-drawn graphics, as actually in all games of this developer, as well as game mode allows you to compete against your friends on one device.

Internet: not required

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