Drive Motors 2 v1.85 APK


Drive Motors 2 - continuation of the racing game from the development team famous for its numerous arcade releases in this area.And who do not like to do something significantly new and therefore use their old experience in the supposedly open project.Slightly change the appearance, sometimes shuffle features, coming up with the name and voila, the product is ready, you can download. 
The film is set in the densely built infinite metropolis. Despite the dark, on the road quite crowded. And at this point you are rushing to these same streets, squeezing everything you can out of your car's engine. 
Money is earned for how long the players were able to stay on track, dangerous maneuvers near other cars and traffic in the opposite lane. Banknotes can be better spent on the purchase of another car or deep modernization of existing chetyrehkolÑ‘snogo transport. 
Of the features include: pleasant physical model, a bit capricious management (as at high speeds - all the trouble) and a decent graphics. 

Download game 2 Drive Motors

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