Muay Thai Fighting Clash: kick Boxing origin 2018 v1.0.3 APK


Muay Thai Fighting Clash: kick Boxing origin 2018 is a brand new action sport game for the people who love extreme dynamic fights in a ring side. Enjoy punches, kicks, blocking and hard kicks with extreme fighting styles with this 3D action sports game. Choose from over several different legendary professional fighters from all over the world with extreme skills of fighting with different styles of fight such as boxing , karate , martial arts , kick boxing , kung fu , gymnastic , wrestling , taekwondo and many more. Choose your warrior and step into the arena side. Imagine yourself as muay thai fighting champion and you have your professional career and some dangerous fighter has a clash with you. Just challenge your opponent , beat him up and take your revenge. 
Muay Thai Fighting Clash 2018 is best 3D fighting game with realistic graphics gameplay which will take you to the real world of action fighting sports. Choose your mode of playing from career or knockout mode. Make your career from your beginner level to the professional with a journey of fights with fighters all over the world in career mode, be a professional champion and start your journey like a legend in a knock out mode. You can select different characters such as Axad , Mr X , Mace , Bruce , Riley , R magic , Roc li , Demon , Rox , Shizu etc. do not rush , block the kicks and punches , wait for the right moment just use your rage and bravely hit the opponent on the right part to knockout your opponent. Kick out every one who stand out in your career way to be the champion and get your destiny. Stronger opponents will come in your way but you need to knock them out to be the legend champion. 

Realistic 3D graphics with extreme muay thai fighting simulation action.
Realistic moves like kicks , punches , strikes , make jabs , hooks , upper cut , blockers. 
Real animations to feel you like real ring side environment. 
different fighters from all over the world having styles like boxing , karate , martial arts , kick boxing , kung fu , gymnastic , wrestling , taekwondo and many more.
Career and knockout mode to make you legend to take your survival.
Various different dangerous opponent to beat.
Long big career with customized fighter of your choice.
Tournaments , challenges , clash fights , underground fights , leagues and play off for bigger prizes.
Train yourself in a career mode improve your survival skills and get your destiny.
Intuitive touch controls for amazing experience for lovers.
Reliant action sounds, graphics and animations.
Exciting and fascinating atmosphere to explore the Muay thai origin in a big arena. 
Totally free to download game. 
Watch video ad’s to get gold to unlock more different characters.
70 plus different languages supported.
No WIFI needed to play this game. 

Get yourself ready put your ropes on and fight in the ring of pain for glory, use you muay thai techniques and learn the techniques for how to tackle your opponent if he is stronger than your , learn how to beat a stronger guy , how fighter are prepared , how they make their self in stronger in the gym , how emotions and dedications works in the ring side , how different fighting styles work and for which techniques. All of these in a one action pack game. Now its time for revolution victory is waiting for you download this free 3D game application to enjoy the life of a warrior fighter.
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