Hero Robot Battle v1.2 APK


Hero Robot Battle  Get ready for an ultimate robot war game. Become a part of Hero Robot Battle between human vs robot in 2050. Enter the world of comics heroes, super powers and evil villain robots. It’s time to save the world from the war robots that have unexpectedly grown stronger and overridden its rules. The robots have attacked the earth. Save your planet before they invade it. Fight against the dark side like a super hero to defeat the mutants invading planet earth. You have been in the Military war training boot camp for basic combat training to the advanced army war training under Special Forces in one of the best military US Army Survival Training School. An ultimate survival adventure! Fight like a superhero, search for weapons to kill the enemy.

The futuristic robot war games are fun to play! The storyline behind this action filled robot game is quite interesting. You are going to be a retired Army Engineer. Now working as a consultant officer with a robotics company. The company is developing next-gen army of robots to replace humans in battlefield to fight against the threats more efficiently. But the artificial intelligence grows stronger unexpectedly, considering humans as their enemies. Now you are going to save the world from these metal warriors by disabling the mainframe connected to satellite. Get ready for surprise attacks from your rivals, tactical maneuvers and sneaky tricks. Destroy the enemy robots to win the battle between right and wrong. This robot fighting game has been specially designed for the robot game lovers. But the twist is that the futuristic robots are the enemies in this futuristic world. Fight like a ninja warrior to save the world.

Hero Robot Battle features:

√ Battle robot enemies with fighting strength
√ Interesting Game Play
√ Smooth and intuitive controls
√ Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
√ Thrilling and challenging Missions
√ Real military Academy Environment
√ Realistic Training of attacking, climbing, fighting, jumping & shooting
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  • Official Trailer
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