Ghost Riders: Guerre du Chaos v1.6.4 APK


Ghost Riders: Guerre du Chaos is an RPG Gothic and whose graphics running on the Unity 3D game engine for high end graphics, Game Play more fluid and detailed scenery, in a word to bring you the best gaming experience possible .
※ Characteristic of the game:
Fighting or you can control up to four heroes at once.
The player can switch control of various characters during combat and it can control up to four simultaneously and choose according to their individual abilities offering the player a wide range of tactics depending on the chosen hero and different combat experiences.
◎ Combination and hero of evolution:
Many heroes are available and gradually as the player advances in the game it will be possible to unlock more.
◎ Three hero classes:
Physical (Strength), Magic (Intelligence) and agility (liveliness)
These three types of heroes are further subdivided into four specialties, ice, fire, poison and electricity. This gives a character and a unique function to each character and offering the player a wide choice for the road separating the path to the title of most powerful player!
◎ Get out in the dungeon fashion:
The mode dungeon offers many types of play, escort, Treasure hunt, maze, stories of challenges, many other bodies and chests filled with all kinds of items!
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