Total War: King's Return v0.0.5 APK


Total War: King's Return  is a newest multilayer real-time strategy that was created in cooperation with Sega Games Co., Ltd! In the game you will be expanding and developing your territory, making alliances, conquer castles and whole kingdoms, making the greatest empire of your own! If you like strategy games with attention to historical details, then Total War: King's Return is what you were searching for! 
Key features:

✓ Total War game series intellectual property with authentic history background
✓ Castle + Fortress Total New System - more fierce PVP gameplay
✓ Rich PVE gameplay, player can conquer and expand new territories or take the empire back!
✓ Brand new hero system, raise your own heroes to help you conquer the world and become a king!

Amazing graphics

✓ Clear, astonishing, yet smooth experience
✓ Ultra zooming function and clear textures

Massive Mobile Multiplayer and PVP Online Battles

✓ Massive Mobile Multiplayer gives you one-of-a-kind battle experience. Battle against players from other alliances and kingdoms 
✓ Clash against millions of other players in PVP mobile matches
✓ Multiplayer game - Join allies and lead them into epic online battle to build your empire
✓ Keep in touch with your allies through the powerful chat system

Massive Online Strategy

✓ Choose you strategy - defense or offence? War against millions of players in epic battles for domination
✓ Wipe out territories from PVE enemies and make them safer for the greater goals 
✓ Strategy with MMORPG elements and real time resource management system

War Strategy and Empire Upgrades

✓ Fight with your enemies and develop your kingdom
✓ Be a strategist and role model for your allies
✓ Grow your empire in unstoppable invasive war
✓ Improve your battle units with amazing new weapons and armor
✓ Plunder castles of your enemies and create new equipment of war
✓ Improve your combat characteristic even more with complex research of different technologies 
✓ Receive countless in-game rewards for free just for playing the game

Fight against other players and make alliances with others in epic battles! Crush your enemies and be victorious!

Receive free bonuses by downloading Total War: King’s Return right NOW! Join us!

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