Shadow Viking v1.1.0 APK


Shadow Viking  With the Shadow Viking arcade, you will discover the never-seen-before Eldur world, full of magic and adventure. You will find here all the best features of arcade games: challenging levels, the dark and the light that stand for the good and the evil, evil enemies, epic battles, many obstacles and brain-twisters, and a crazy enemy in the end.
Incredible level of graphics, many various brain-twisters. Hard and long levels, an exciting plot.
You will have to play for Hamar, the brave and noble king of the Vikings. The hero should go through a lot of tests and find the ancient relic of his people - the Solstain.
The Shadow Viking arcade features:
- long and challenging levels; this arcade game will capture your fancy for many hours;
- a system of brain-twisters and bonus levels;
- the world of shadows, where you'll dream of sunshine;
- convenient and easy controls;
- the autosave function; now you have no need to always start the level from the beginning;
- social networks are integrated; you can share your achievements with your friends;
- multi-language localization (English, Russian, Spanish, French);
- various boosters that you can find at various levels;
- a store where you can buy items that facilitate passing the game.
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