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Magic Wars Humans, Orcs, and Undead, arise! A new war is at hand, and your people need you!
The race of Elves has already perished in the fires of war kindled by the demon army, and the surviving ancient races of this fantasy world must regroup and face the challenge together! Train your soldiers, build up your city, and unite with your allies to protect your homeland. Warrior, choose carefully! The fate of the three remaining races is in your hands!

This is Magic Wars, a Strategy game rooted in the fantasy genre!
★Less Grind, More Growth★
Compared to other War Strategy games, Magic Wars has lower building costs to give you faster development. Forget about daunting wait times! Reach a fairly high level in a short span of time and then turn your attention to researching strategies and enjoying the thrill of battle!
★View Battles in Real-Time★
Every battle in Magic Wars is viewable in real time by all players! You can also replay battles to examine in detail how they were won or lost. Become a master of strategy and tactics!
Join us and players from all around the world, meet with allies and enemies from all countries, and protect your resources, castle, allies, and honor in ruthless battles! Fight solo battles with interesting monsters, or unite with your allies to win glory for your alliance! Battle is at hand! We're just waiting for you!
★More Features★
☆Free real-time war strategy gameplay.
☆Start your adventure with one of three classic races: Humans, Orcs, and the Undead.
☆Each race has different troops to choose from: Melee, Mage, Support, Catapult, Cannon, etc.
☆Train different soldiers and set up your army to take advantage of your target's weaknesses.
☆Fight demons solo, or form a coalition army with your allies to defeat them and win rewards!
☆View every battle in real-time on the World Map and join them at any time.
☆Rapidly complete building and production tasks with the help of your allies. Develop and expand together.
☆Conflict is unavoidable. Fight for your alliance in Alliance Wars and become a true commander.
☆Will you be a hero, a rogue, a pacifist, or a target for looters? The decision is yours!
☆Join us! You are what makes this war truly Magic!
If you encounter any problems while playing Magic Wars, please get help via in-game customer support. You could also contact us via email at:
★Find Magic Wars on Facebook★
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