Modern Commando Combat Shooter v1.0 APK


Modern Commando Combat Shooteris a 3D thrilling army action game of 2016. Enemy soldiers have assigned a mission
to kill you and are move there to find you. You have to save your life and protect your country from destruction.
On the battlefield,you have to counter attack on your enemies from the distance or use your shooter rifle and strike enemies from closer distance.
Master challenging objectives in Gun, Riffle, Rocket Launcher and Minigun missions to clear jungle area.
Destroy valuable military targets using snipers, machine guns,jeeps, tanks and gunner helicopter.
How to Play:
- Swap the screen to aim anywhere left, right, up or down
- Tap the shooting button for fire.
- For enemies at far distance, use the telescope.
- Detect enemies by the help of radar and Map.
- Select arms of your choice by tapping on there buttons.
- Follow the instructions from GHQ carefully.
- Destroy jeep full of soldiers and rocket cannon can bomb jeep easily!!
- Fast and intense killing action
- Armour and health customization
- Fast-paced story missions with various challenges
- Flawless graphics and music
- Discover the game-changing power of experimental weapons£ยบ shotgun; Gatling gun and rocket cannon
- Detailed Map for detecting position of enemies
- Fierce battlefield and various missions
Don't wait and start playing exciting Modern Commando Combat Shooting.
Modern Commando Combat Shooting is amazingly dynamic and satisfying.
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