Kick or Die - Karate Ninja v1.2 APK


Kick or Die - Karate Ninja  we face increasing challenges. Become an expert warrior martial arts champion, he remains in the center of the battle mientra are attacked by hundreds of enemies. Be the hero in karate fights, thanks to the kick flying or special power Dragon Fury. Use the flying karate kick when enemies are the closest to you, because if you are not you can leave the defense exposed and eliminated by the ninja warriors. You get the power the fury of the dragon, each battle can be legendary with lots of action, when you fill the magazine you'll find under your protagonist is charged by your attacks in martial arts, you will get the coveted power the fury of the dragon so you can remove ninja foes around you. Exceeds different levels full of enemies Kick or Die, eliminate the bosses of each level and free your people, the final battle with the guardian Ronin.
Future enemies
Ninja warriors
Silent Samurai
Samurai warriors
Ninja Dogs
Sumo wrestlers
👥 legendary Ninja Twins
Dark Samurai warrior 🎐
The fearsome demon 👺 Ronin
Since the era Meiji comes the best action game martial arts again feels those fights karate thrilled you both in the 90 Become the legendary karate and face the fearsome battles and demon army murderers. Achieved victory in The path to freedom. Quite a challenge, with different battles in this amazing adventure.
Amazing effects ✨
Real Physics 🌐
Different 👊 Karate fights battles
🎨 retro design, Pixel Art
💢 end Fights
Arcade Fight 🎮
Anger Dragon 🐉
An excellent audio 📢
👹 The final boss, the demon guardian Ronin
📱 An excellent user experience
Teleport year 90 designs in Pixel Art, relive your moments in those arcades. Learn about the karate fighting measures your time before the enemies, deal with the guardians of each level and achieves victory. Different enemies have different attacks, find their weaknesses, a real action full of deadly combat with a variety samurai techniques.
Lanza professional karate kicks at enemies. They outnumber you, but do not be afraid that you are theShaolin kung fu hero of the old era Meiji, ready to destroy the enemies. Be the legendary hero like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, true champions of action battles.
There are no rules or judges, a challenge, fight or die! Do not let the whole troop of ninjas and monsters come to you. You must prove who is the best fighter in this game arcade close combat body. Become the legendary champion of martial arts action every kick karate tournament legendary heroes and adventures. Ronin eliminates the legendary guardian.
Easy to play, hard to beat! Download it now for free from your application store and enjoy your gameplay.
The game has been developed in several months, our new study, every day, having the certainty that we will not stop until post and every effort to move forward.
We are five friends love video games since childhood. We are gamers lifetime, and our experience in the game and in the professional development during these years, we decided it was time to grow in our project and in our own studio Boomfire Games, in we work every day, with all the enthusiasm and willingness to grow, to better ourselves every morning when we got up and sat in the office. We have put a lot of love in all this but, have much more for future projects!
We welcome any assessment and look forward to all your comments. 😊
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