Heroes & Darkness Battle for Peace v8.0.0 APK


Heroes & Darkness Battle for Peacefor the World ekshen this RPG game where you can join your friends online and plunge into epic battles against other players.
▸ Collect and obustroy their heroes magical items.
▸ develop and improve, because your goal is to dominate the horde of enemies.
▸ Join your friends in duels in the arena PVP.
▸ Open rare characters characters, hidden worlds and unique weapons.
▸ team up with friends creating alliances and strategies to dominate the server.
▸ Create your own guild or join an existing one, make friends with other players when chatting.
▸ game in the living world are now, respectively Internet connection required.
Optimized for the Russian-speaking audience
Game Heroes & Darkness is fully integrated to our players in Russia, Ukraine and other Russian-speaking countries.
Constant updates the current version will allow players to take part in the most epic and dynamic MMORPG for mobile devices.
Support, and communities
▸ Share and get tips and advice on our forums.
▸ report a problem connecting.
▸ Invite your friends and join our official Facebook page and Vkontakte.
game Heroes & Darkness: The Battle for the World
is a free game which also have the opportunity to obtain rare items and grow faster in the game with real money.
You can control the purchases when entering the password of your shop, depending on your device.
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