Fantastic 1 - Gravity Runner v1.1 APK


Fantastic 1 - Gravity Runner  You are going on an endless running adventure! Presented by the awesome team behind Go Eraser, comes yet another exciting jump and run title.
Fantastic 1 is set in the magical jungles on Zalcha. Our hero, Ademar was held captive by the evil wizard Cordero . After destroying his kingdom, he now has to escape these magical jungles. Can you help him escape the wrath of Cordero’s evil jungle?
You are the Chosen One….help Fantastic One…run….jump and defy gravity. How far can you survive?
Game Features:
• Main objective is avoid hitting enemies and falling in the pits.
• Collect d Dollars to Buy and utilize power ups and run as far as you can
• Change your Avatar/Colour to match with Exit gate Do High score on leader board
• Enter in different type of yellow magic worlds
• Fresh and New adventurous Gameplay
• Simple Tap controls
• Interactive Tutorial to learn how to play
• Do High score on leader board and Challenge with your friends
• Jump and defy gravity
• Spend long hours in this endless runner game.

How to play:
• Tap To change your orientation /flip
• Tap on Colour box Change your avatar colour according to coming gates like Green, Red, and Blue
• Buy to Utilize power shield for save your life

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Hurry up Fantastic 1 Game is free now
Good Luck.
  • Screenshots
  • Official Trailer
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