Last Run: Dead Zombie Shooter v1.02 APK


Last Run: Dead Zombie ShooterPrepare for the most hardcore shooting action of this year.
Head into a vast city infested with zombies.
Outrun the apocalypse as the last runner.
- Make your way through a zombie infested city
- Run from shelter to shelter to stay alive
- Blast your enemies with a barrage of exploding bullets
- Outrun hordes of hungry zombies
- Use grenades to blow the dead to pieces
- Stay on the route to save yourself
- Head right into the heart of darkness
Race against the end of the world. Target and shoot zombies, dodge obstacles and reach the safety of the shelter. Choose your gun from a wide array of tools of destruction and prepare to fire for effect.
Forget about traditional FPS games - 3d runner shooters are all the rage this year.
Battle against a selection of challenging living dead. On your road you'll find regular walking zombies, mutated giants and even undead dogs. Your only chance for survival is to run as fast as you can, never let them overrun you, target the most dangerous zombies on your route and always carry lots of spare ammo. In the apocalypse nothing is for free - earn cash by shooting countless dead. This way you may have a chance to reach the next shelter without becoming another roadkill on the undead highway.
The road ahead is full of zombies so be sure to get ready for action. Choose from tons of special equipment to receive amazing bonuses to your statistics. Uniforms will provide you with elite boosts to help you escape from the apocalypse and become the ultimate undead smasher. If you're having problems shooting your way through the ongoing tsunami of running zombies you can always create some breathing space with grenades. When the day of the undead comes nothing will be an overkill. Head right into the hellgate of the dead to save yourself!
As you dash and escape from the walking zombies you'll start to smash more powerful enemies. Your endless shooting run will pause only so you can jump into the combat shelters that you'll encounter on your route.
Military gunships and elite snipers have fallen before you - you survived only thanks to your experience and target training from playing modern first person shooting games (and a large stock of canned beans you stored in your basement).
Hold your finger steady on the trigger to smash and dash through the highway of the dead. Find your route as the last runner among the living dead. Download for free now.
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