Apocalypse Meow v1.0 APK + DATA


Apocalypse MeowThe nefarious cats have unleashed a devastating attack, destroying our peaceful home. As man's best friend, it's your job to rescue the survivors and defeat the evil feline forces. Battle hordes of enemy ships and pulverize asteroids as you fight to save the last humans.
Built for casual and hardcore players alike, Apocalypse Meow is a space-based shooter with RPG elements. Play and upgrade different characters, switching back and forth as many times as you like.
This is the ultimate battle of dogs versus cats. Start playing now - the pack needs you!
- Rich, beautiful levels with stunning 3D graphics and depth
- Dynamic missions with procedural elements
- Riveting boss battles and arcade-like shmup action
- Numerous pickups and upgrades for weapons, shields, health, mystery tech and much, much more!
- Daily rewards
- Play each sector at multiple difficulty levels
- Variety of achievements and leaderboards
- Custom soundtrack and immersive audio experience
- Share scores, achievements and replays
- Free to play
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  • Official Trailer

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