Puppet Soccer 2014 v1.0.118 APK


Puppet Soccer 2014 - Smash the football and score goals in this addicting soccer game! Pick your favorite worldcup team and play as a famous footballer. Tactically play offense and dummy defense as you ascend the World Cup 2014 ladder!
With over 32 countries and 90+ individual players, this 2014 world cup football game will challenge the most sophisticated puppeteer! Do you have what it takes?
The path to victory is never easy, so unlock bonus’ that will drastically increase your marionette teams chances at a Gold Medal! Aim your big head headers and perfect your kicks to destroy your opponents dummy defense. Use the slime, ice, and gum to your advantage in offense skills! Be The Nox Pigskin Puppeteer!
Feel the atmosphere of Brazil 2014 in sock Puppet World, great football stadiums in Brasilia in this epic marionette tournament. Watch mexican waves pushing your offense skill to the max but don't hazard.
Upgrade your offense skills & unlock new picturesque sock puppet characters as you collect coins for goals and victory. Who will be the best puppeteer? Game on!
Key features:
- 32 countries
- 90+ picturesque cartoons marionette players
- 10 special bonus game - chewing gum, ice, slime, money, large and small ball, gypsum, super power,spring, speed
- Upgrades: kick, jump, speed
- Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on single device
- Achievements, highscore
- 2014 Marionette world cup from noxgames in Brazil
- nofoot marionetas
Show your football offense skills, bend it like Beckham,kick free kicks like Pirlo or Carlos, Falcao,Ronaldinho,handle the ball like Zidane,Franck Figo,Lampard,Rooney,Eto,Nakata,Nakamura,Zizou,Ribery,Tevez .Marionetas without feet can still kick the pigskin pretty well. This is not some khan academy or gareth, franck, lionel, andres in fifa primera liga. Score ea ncaa in college football lahm.
Play hazard solo like Neymar or dribble like Maradona,Ronaldinho,Davids,Falcao,Balotelli,Roben,Persie,Pirlo,Nakata or Nakamura. No dummy defense can stop your marioneta lionel.
Big heads of your picturesque sock puppets allow you to score from the air,but not with Hand of God.Can you score better than Puyol,Eto,Xavi,Balotelli,Pele,Zizou,Ribery,Tevez, Lionel, Falcao, Franck Khan or Iniesta?
Defensive part of game relies highly on your goalkeeper skills, try to beat bulletproof achievements like Buffon,Kahn or Howard.Your defense is the key to the victory.
If you will be good enough maybe even Obama and Putin picturesque nofeet marionettes take part in this puppeteer tournament and Lionel Falcao academy.
All nofoot dollies are ready to amuse you and give you silly puppeteer laugh li na franck khan. Compete picturesque head2head tap like radamel, gareth, lionel, franck, philipp, andres falcao doll and college football scores .
Don't forget to try splitscreen multiplayer!
NOXGAMES is not using any outsourcing. Beware of dummy pigskin frauds offering you creation of this app!
Let us know if you wish any new marioneta in review or visit www.NOXGAMES.com or our Facebook.We might add pigskin ball and tap dream team tricks to amuse you.
Created by NOXGAMES 2014
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