Zombie Road Highway v1.0.1 APK


Zombie Road HighwayIt’s a special zombie games, you can experience all good things of this genre: speed, power, strategy, power and engaging. If you are fan of this game, it’s a pity if you haven’t play Zombie Attack.
Start with road full of blood and fire, Zombie Attack will take you into the escape journey of most madness and dangerous Zombies. You have to find the way out of day of Apocalypse to survive. The answer is revealed at the end of game, or it’s only the beginning, you will find out.
How to play:
- Move your car to dodge obstacles and defeat as many Zombies as possible
- Use rocket to destroy and crush everything else
- Advanced 3D graphics, smooth gameplay in all devices
- Best experience in Zombie world.
  • Screenshots
  • Official Trailer
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