Zombie Elite Sniper v1.0.1 APK


Zombie Elite Sniperis a first-person 3D shooter. Your mission is to destroy as many zombies as possible within a time period of 60 seconds. For each zombie you kill, you will receive $100. If you manage to score a double-kill, you will get double the reward! After you have gained sufficient funds in this way, you will be able to unlock new maps and weapons.
Try out various weapons, such as the M24, M4, WA-2000, AWP and M82A1, each with their own individual characteristics for calibre, fire rate and ammunition. Once you are equipped, get ready to hunt zombies across two realistic maps - the City and the Airport.
The game is optimized for many different devices. It includes variable graphics settings that you can change to suit the power of your device, so whether you are playing on a high-end device or a low-powered one, you are ensured of a good gaming experience.
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