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World ZombinationTake control of a massive zombie horde and destroy the world. Or help the last surviving humans make their stand and defend it. The choice is yours in this epic massively multiplayer online game!
As the zombies, attack cities around the world, spawn hundreds of zombie drones, and mutate them into powerful special zombies in a real-time strategy game. If you choose the humans, strategically place your units around the cities, defend the citizens and buildings, and mow down incoming zombies in a new take on tower defense.
Both sides acquire new units, train and level them to make them more powerful, and play with (and against!) friends and thousands of other players for control of the world!
* Play the free massively multiplayer online game with two unique sides: the Infected, a massive zombie horde or the Survivors, humanity’s last hope.
* Explore a living, dynamic world where players can attack, defend, and control cities.
* Build and level your army of over 50 unique units, each with their own special behaviors and unlockable skills.
* Team up with your friends, form a guild, and win epic raids for powerful new units and abilities.
* Challenge yourself with over 50 single-player missions, each procedurally generated just for you! With new maps, enemies, and obstacles every time, no mission is ever the same!
* Play with and against thousands of other players in real-time for control of the world!
* Enjoy gorgeous 3D graphics in an engine which allows for nearly 1000 units on screen at a time.
* “One of the coolest aspects to World Zombination is the sheer number of zombies you're able to spawn on the screen at one time. It really makes it feel like how a zombie invasion should feel. “ - TouchArcade
* “One of our 10 most anticipated games of PAX East 2014” - Evolve Games
* “Prepare for the bright and colorful apocalypse with World Zombination.” - 148Apps
* A network connection is required to play.
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