King of Combat Ninja Fighting v1.2 APK


King of Combat: Ninja FightingUltimate Fight brings the complete fighting experience to the Android platforms. you can choose as much as 12 characters to act to fight using "Kongfu", each with their special skills. Can you K.O your rivals easily?
It delivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you. Challenge yourself in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcade FTG game.
Combine the features of Action Fighting, Stage Complete and Role Playing Game, together have this exciting action fighting game!
The most classic FTG game!
The most memorable game!
The best Combat: Destroyer 3D
- Great old-school art and animations
- Intuitive control and user friendly interface, Interesting game-line
- play brutal hand to hand combat.
- Easy to control
- Levels challenge
- Many roles optional
- Alt attack
- Varieties of combination attacks.
Totally Free!
  • Screenshots
  • Official Trailer
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