Space Conflict: Invasion v1.31 APK


Space Conflict: InvasionFLY as fast as you can!
AVOID the alien rockets and asteroids!
Exciting space adventure where you will control a ... spaceship!
In this game you need to fly from one planet to another, by touching the screen. Dangers are awaiting you at every step so to defeat the enemy you will need a calculating mind and lightning reaction.
And once in one of four black holes you can set a world record, this is a serious challenge for everyone.
3..2..1.. Well, you think you're pretty agile? Let's start!
★ Simple but very addictive gameplay
★ NEW colorful Retina HD graphics!
★ 20 cool spaceships!
★ 4 unique galaxies
★ Over 40 levels!
★ Easy one touch control
★ Collect a lot of bonuses and crystals, and set new world record
★ Kids will love this game and the adults cannot stay away
Join us, pilot, and have a lot of updates and events. Explore farthest frontiers of universe, and find new civilization.
From indie with love :) Maybe the best space runner on the earth. Download now and enjoy!
Free to play.
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