Sniper Assassin Ultimate 2017 v1.0 APK


Sniper Assassin Ultimate 2017  Soldier! Its a war city, a city on fire. Welcome to the War & Kill 'em all !
Soldier! Its a war city, a city on fire and the evil empire has taken over the charge of the kingdom very cunningly. The enemies are roaming around like their own planet & a survivor is required to save the nation from the menace of the evil foe's.
War Commandos are needed in such grieve moments and Now is the time to show your kingdom that You still are alive and there to eliminate the angry armies of the enemies from the country which was a peaceful place one. The nation needs a Hero, more of a saviour and you are the one we have chosen.
Thinking about weaponry ? Well this time you are equipped with the modern weaponry of Sniper Riffles and we want you to prove the perfect shooter. You are a sniper Commando with a strategic approach and we know you have been taught war techniques to snipe the targeted enemies.
Welcome to the War & Kill 'em all !!!
3D Real Graphics
Real life sound effects
different various missions and levels
  • Screenshots
  • Official Trailer
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