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DoomCar is a strategy RPG game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where armored vehicles called war chariots battle across the lawless roads. To survive, you must build your own team of war chariots and engage in the ultimate strategic vehicular battle royale. Special Roguelike modes make every road trip a new experience.

In the year 2057, massive space vessels of unknown origin suddenly appeared above earth and laid waste to most of the civilized world with overwhelming force. Since that doomsday event, most of the planet has become an uninhabitable wasteland of deadly radiation. What remained of humanity has rebuilt a new order in this harsh, toxic environment. Powerful electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere prevent most electronics from functioning, and armored combat vehicles have become the primary tool of war for the various factions that now fight over the scarce resources.

1. [Post-Apocalyptic Setting]

Conquer the open road in this unique idle strategy game that puts you in the driver's seat of smoke-spewing hulls of twisted metal. See the remains of a destroyed earth, ride your metal monstrosities, and obliterate your enemies with brutally effective weapons.

2. [Roguelike Special Levels]

Win without complicated operations and strategies. Your metal monstrosities fight themselves for you while you rest. Explore the forbidden zones with randomly generated levels and challenges. Experience the doomsday war with ease

3. [Ultimate Strategy RPG]

Collect and upgrade over a 100 vehicles and equipment from all types of NPC factions. Customize your battle formation from the war chariots themselves, to their skills, professions, affinities, and driver progression. Create the ultimate team to become king of the road.

4. [Global Competition]

Experience a rich variety of single player, cooperative, PvP, and clan vs clan modes that will bring out your competitive drive. The game's advanced matchmaking system provides a fair, competitive PvP environment for players of all skill levels and progression. Use strategy to overcome even the greatest odds.

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