Armored Car HD v1.5.5 APK + DATA


Armored Car HDis definitely the most enjoyable racing game you have ever tried. In this game, you can train your own racing car, upgrade your arms & equipment, experience versatile of racetracks around the world and enjoy the top level graphics as well as exciting fighting.

"Armored Car HD" is developed by an independent developer who is a racing game lover. If you like this game, please rate it 5 stars and share with your friends.

In “Armored Car HD”, you will have the experience of driving super-speed cars while using various arms to defeat your rivals. Arms including machine guns, missiles and landmines are available in the racing. In the meanwhile, you have to pay attention to obstacles in the form of roadblock, armed helicopter or monsters that appear suddenly in your racetracks. You can avoid them by passing around or get rid of them by opening fire. You will get rewards at the finishing line if you win.

You can also rival with the friends around you through bluetooth or compete with racers all over the world through wifi. You can share your result with your Facebook friends through the share function in the game. All the results can be shown in the “Armed Car HD World Ranking”. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the world no. 1!

Game features:
1) 38 racing scenes, taking from world famous racetrakers
2) 9 different super cars
3) Rich set of upgrade functions and customized items
4) 3 kinds of racing modes: standard, survival and chase
5) Share your result in Facebook or invite your friends to join the race
6) Support for multiple languages: English, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Russian, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, French, German, Norwegian and Danish
7) Easy to get coins for free
8) Rival friends around you or players in other countries through Bluetooth or Wifi
9) Realistic fighting and car damage effect 

How to play:

* The default self-driving mode allows you to focus on defeating your rivals
* Choose track-holding option to ensure better driving
* Tap (toch) your phone screen or tilt it to manage the car movement
* Avoid obstacles or destroy them with arms
* Use machine guns, missiles and landmines to prevent rivals surpassing you
* Raise your driving speed through “O” mark zone on the racetrack
* Get special equipment by passing through arrow mark zone
* Adjust 3D quality and other settings to find the best configuration to your mobile phone
  • Screenshots
  • Official Trailer
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