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How to save clothes

Image by Vilaverde from Pixabay 

Guide to Storing Clothes

Clothes can be very expensive, especially when all the fashions and trends come and go with the seasons. It is possible to save money when buying your clothes. You just need to have a strategy and tactics on how you can save your money. Here are some tips on how to save money when buying your clothes:

Don't buy Seasonal clothes - different types of clothes come in every season. And more often than not, they usually release new clothes at a very high price and usually drop after a few months. The key is just patience to wait.

For example, when winter comes, coats and sweaters are taken off, however, after a month, the normal sale or low price will now be imprinted on this outfit. If you're smart enough to wait, you can still wear this outfit for the rest of winter and fall to come.

Wait for Factory Sales - when the Factory brings out their sales season, clothes can be cut from 40% -90% of the original price. Imagine how big these savings are! Additionally, going directly to the Manufacturers shop is a useful tip for getting great prices on clothes.

· Garage Sales - these are very popular stores and places where you can get your clothes for very, very low prices. Find garage sales prepared by the family, this way the odds of getting quality clothing are much higher than garage sales that are already set up for commercial purposes.

 However, it is important to remember and avoid buying clothes just because they are so cheap, you shouldn't even wear them, and thrifty concepts are squandered.

· Bargain - always visit your favorite shop and make friends with the sales staff there. You can then ask for possible SALE dates and bargains where you can save at least 20% off the original price of the clothes you want.

· Buy two different sizes and two different colors - If you have children, it is highly recommended to buy two sizes, because children grow very fast. Also, buying two colors has variety, only if the clothes are already at a lower price.

· Online Shopping - Nowadays there are so many online clothing stores. And, most clothing lines have their own websites where you can shop online.

Like a regular store, the online shop also has seasons for SELL and BARGAIN. Make it a habit to regularly check your favorite clothing line to wait for this long-awaited offer.

· Sign up for your Favorite Boutique mailing list - be sure to sign up for your favorite clothing store mailing lists, newsletters, and catalogs. This way, you will be updated and be the first to know about upcoming Sale Items and new releases of trendy clothing as well.

Coupon Codes and Coupon Cards - if shopping online is your thing, there are many coupon codes that can be found online that can earn you genuine discounts on your favorite online store. Some of the coupon code sites are www.couponcabin.com and www.keycode.com.

All you have to do is look for the "clothing" category code and you will be given a choice of retailers. You can also put "online coupons" or "coupon codes" on your favorite search engine such as Google and you will be presented with a list of sites that can provide the best deals for your retailer.

· In-store Credit Card - many boutiques nowadays, offer in-store credit cards. All you need to do is apply for your own credit card, especially if you have a favorite store where you frequently buy clothes. Usually, these credit cards provide good discounts on clothes sold at the boutique.

In addition, cardholders usually get special coupons, birthday discounts, and other relative discounts every holiday and often you can get a discount of at least 5% to 15%.

Other benefits of this are free, updated delivery of new clothes and discounted prices. However, this tactic is only useful if you plan to pay your credit card bill the day after you buy the product. This is because credit card companies charge enormous financial fees and interest. It may not even offset the savings you desire to apply for a credit card.

· Get ​​a part-time job at your favorite store - many shoppers apply for and land part-time jobs at their favorite boutiques. This will give them extra money for their work and an employee discount on clothes sold at the store. 

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