4 Key Points for Branding

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4 Key Points for Branding

Branding is more than just a logo and image or even a recognizable name. It is a person's collective experience with a company's product or service. Brand is the overall perception of a person about a company or product that is built over time.

Here are four things you should look out for when building your company branding:

1) Have "It Matters": Dole tries to be all things to all people, spending your time focusing on one clear message. Mercedes-Benz has "Engineering" in the auto industry because it focused on that single message for decades.

2) Consistency is key: a consistent presentation will ensure that your customers recognize you. Be consistent in the use of logos, slogans, visual elements, tone and ad text. Coca-Cola is one of the most famous brands in the world because it hasn't changed for decades. Make sure brochures, websites, Direct mail, and all other advertisements have the same feel and message.

3) Make your message relevant: know your audience, know what they care about and how to talk to them. Make sure what you are selling is what they need. Remember conversations should always be about your audience, not you.

4) Use strong offerings to motivate: You want your audience to remember you and you want members to buy from you. You need to move them to action. A strong offer should give them a reason to buy. Make an offer that is clear and appropriate for your brand.

Every time a customer makes contact with your brand, they'll have a positive or negative experience. The experience will increase their perception of your brand. That experience will be remembered later when it comes time to make a purchase decision. How do you want your brand to be remembered when the time comes for prospects to buy? You need to start building that positive perception today and do whatever is necessary to maintain it.

Good luck. 

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